It’s All About ME ME ME!!!

Not exactly. I mean it is my husband’s birthday. But I did something totally uncharacteristic today…I left him before he even got out of bed telling him that there was a bagel waiting for him. You see, I had to head out to the college to get my employment papers filed since classes start next week.

From there I thought I’d head to Target to try on an adorable dress I was eying over the weekend. I figured if it was flattering, I’d wear it to his birthday dinner tonight (see, it can still be about him – LOL) and then for teaching. It’s a little nerve wracking not being able to wear jeans (or flipflops) when that’s what we tend to live in here in LA.

Anyway, I actually picked up two dresses. The one one I was eying and a cute sundress of sorts (which of course isn’t up online yet). Again, both will work for teaching and my professional meetings or networking events. Totally worth it, right? They actually had quite a few cute dresses and I’ve been having much better luck with their stuff than with the Old Navy plus line.

I hate to say, I totally forgot that teaching at the college would also mean that I’m college faculty. Hello! How swanky does that sound? Not only does it sound swanky, but it means I get to have a faculty ID card. And while that might not get me movie discounts, it gets me TONS of other discounts – like on electronics, programs, books and whatnot. Can’t wait to get my new audio recorder at nearly half the standard rate!

Totally makes the (seemingly) minimal (3 hr/wk) salary worth it for the perks alone!

3 thoughts on “It’s All About ME ME ME!!!

  1. curlywurlygurly

    oh yeah…the college faculty discount opens some serious doors. i’m teach in a college program through a state school at my job and get a college id. i bought SEVERAL computer programs at 50% off with my id. yay. also, i can go to sporting events at the college and lots of other perks. 🙂 congrats again on the job!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    I try to avoid getting over-excited with Target. Back when I was a teacher living in my first apartment we had a Target right behind our complex. I couldn’t come or go without seeing it. Needless to say, I also couldn’t leave the store without dropping $100. I’m much better now and hope to remain reformed 😉

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