What a Day…

So I had planned to spend some time today talking about my friend that’s about to be on Oprah.  I’m not sure of her air date (and they’ve asked that she not leak anything just yet), but today is her big “reveal” with Nate.  The goal was to write about how cool blogging is and how it can lead to some amazing opportunities (like getting on Oprah) and all that good stuff.

But then it happened.

I spilled my entire cup of tea on my iBook.  Well, in my defense, not just on the laptop itself, but also the arm of the couch, the floor, my computer bag, a pair of shoes and yes, the laptop.  It was working fine.  Then, it wasn’t.  Now, it still isn’t.  I can’t seem to get it to turn on and get active.  It turns on, but kinda freezes on the apple logo and doesn’t seem to go any further.

So now we’ve got my desktop Mac growing some vertical lines every other day or so and now a recuperating laptop.  Doesn’t seem to be all too good of a day in computer land here at the Casa de BloggerGal.

The good news?  Yes, there is good news.  Remember that faculty discount we discussed a couple weeks back? Yeah, well, that makes this whole experience a little less painful.  A little.

So now I’m going to step back from the computers (except for the two blogs I’m still working on – one we’re getting Oprah ready, the other for a company I’m working for) and maybe take a break from technology for a bit.

Maybe tomorrow you guys can help me to make some headway with my birthday planning.  Until then, I do hope that you all had a happy Easter.  Oh and if you need a little fun today…go microwave a Peep or two!

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