I Seem to Have App Envy

The question is…do they have an app for that?  I mean they have apps for everything these days. Though I am a bit confused as to why anyone would need a shaking baby app, but well, maybe I just don’t get it since I’m not a mom and all that.

But really, I am quite envious. My Blackberry is cool and all that, but it can’t split a restaurant bill quickly and easily. And it doesn’t have a fake Zippo lighter that I can whip out at concerts. Yeah, app envy.

I mentioned it to the hubs and he was kind enough to remind me that if we weren’t having a party on Saturday, then maybe I’d have myself an iPhone today. But let’s face it…birthday parties with friends…so cool!

And I don’t need an app for THAT! 😉

2 thoughts on “I Seem to Have App Envy

  1. emma

    I completely relate! I’m so enamoured of apps that I’ve even considered abandoning my beloved BB. But then I try to type a text on an iPhone and quickly devolve into a grunting, cursing mess. I scurry back to the safety of my BB keyboard and all is well with the world again. For now.

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  2. LA Blogger Gal

    OMG, yes! I hate that keyboard. I also hear that it’s not the greatest phone. And well, I have enough issues just using a cell in our apartment, I don’t need to add to the mess. If only Blackberry would give us some cool apps. I need more than Facebook dammit!

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