Cutting My Losses

Okay, I’m just doing to cut my losses while I can.  I’ve stared at this screen on and off for two hours now.  I’ve written emails.  I’ve playing around in a biz forum I belong to.  I added like 15 new  people to my twitter list (while simultaneously ignoring the 40+ sitting in my email waiting to be added  – that’s far too obvious a procrastination tool in my book). I chatted with friends on Twitter. I’ve even done some online shopping.

And all in all, no blog post has come out of me.  So I’m just going to cut my losses.  We have another show tonight, so maybe I’ll have something more exciting to report tomorrow.  Or not.

Have a wonderful weekend and well, why don’t you enjoy this amazing Dr. Horrible episode (no, it’s not new…but dayum it’s good!)

3 thoughts on “Cutting My Losses

  1. emma

    Don’t push it. The words will come. Sometimes, we all just need to refresh the brain coffers. Hope your weekend does just that!

  2. Karalyn

    Sometimes it’s just not there. I write a lot and find when I’m in the mood I just sit down and type anything in my head. When I’m finished I go back and clean it up, break it into separate articles, change it, revise it. Generally if I do it that way it comes out good right up front with little “repair work” necessary.

    Sometimes you need to take a break to regenerate. I’ve just done that for the last month — first break I’ve had from the computer in nearly a year and I was ready!!

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