Lying on a Massage Table Gives a Gal Plenty of Time to Think

Now if only I could telepathically write my blog posts.  Just imagine all the posts I could get done.  I mean, I may not be sitting down to write much lately, but that doesn’t stop my mind from writing while I’m away from the computer.  Of course, that doesn’t seem to get my posts online or even in draft form.  But if I could do it telepathically…well baby, I’d be writin’ books I tell ya!

But speaking of being on the massage table…what’s with this push-shake thing?  I always feel like they’re wasting my valuable massage time when they do that.  I mean, I’ve had some folks that have done that push-shake thing for at least five minutes.  That’s five minutes you could be working on my shoulders…or better yet, my scalp!

And why do you insist on going out of your way to awkwardly keep you hand on me at all times?  It’s quite obvious it’s not the easiest move to walk around the table while keeping pressure on me.  I mean, I know you’ll be back.  You will be back, right?

Yeah, some of the stuff I think about while getting a massage.  Relaxing, huh?

2 thoughts on “Lying on a Massage Table Gives a Gal Plenty of Time to Think

  1. Miss Attitude

    You crack me up. I thought I was the only one who mentally writes blog posts during messages. The last one I had was not relaxing and the guy was disgusting. I kept thinking about things I would Twitter if I could grab my phone!

    Miss Attitudes last blog post..It’s the sangria talking

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