Looking for the Perfect Eye Shadow

eye_shadowI’m on a quest.  Much like I was looking for the best drugstore mascara not all too long ago (found it…Maybelline Stiletto).  This time around, I’m looking for the perfect all over eyeshadow.  You know, that one shadow that you can wear daily that doesn’t necessarily look like you’re wearing shadow, but just kind of makes you look put togther.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve just used the same blush that I was wearing as my all over color.  Then I started to add a highlighter to my browbone.  Now that I’m working again (and networking and doing speaking gigs), I feel the need to look a bit more polished day to day.

I have two MAC colors that I picked up, but I’m not completley happy with either.  The one is goldish and well, has a bit of sparkle.  The other is pink and matte, but I think it’s just a tad too dark.

So I’m wondering, if you wear shadow and just use that one, all over kind of color, what do you use?  It can be drugstore or department store (since the shelf-life is so much longer than mascara I’m okay spending a bit more).  What works for you?

5 thoughts on “Looking for the Perfect Eye Shadow

  1. Nicole

    There are three colors that I love love love for all day any day looks:

    Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color in Gold (much more subtle than it sounds and really stays put once it dries- about 15 seconds)

    Benefit Creaseless Cream shadow/liner in bunny hop – really subtle pinkish color for the no makeup makeup look.

    For a really great base color that makes your eyes look like they’re young and fresh try mac eye shadow in Vanilla. I often use this as a base before putting on the creme shadows – makes them stay better and gives a more true color.

    The best part about the creme colors is (while I always recommend using a brush) you can actually put them on with your fingers – one swipe and you’re out the door!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Thanks to you both. I never did get to the MAC counter. I ended up going with a cream shadow from Smashbox. The guy that helped me (of course he was a gay makeup artist) loved their creams and talked me into it. It’s even waterproof – ‘cuz I’ll surely need that when classes start back up in September *rolleyes* I do love the color though. And yes, I fell for the stupid upcoming specially priced “set” and bought that too (I was intrigued by the blush…hate that I have to wait ’til the 17th to pick it up though).

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