Every Gal Deserves a Night Alone From Time to Time

Tonight the hubs is heading off to somewhere in the Inland Empire to connect with his youth.  He’s heading out to see the reunion show of the band he used to roadie for back in his long-haired, late 80’s.  As much as I’d love to meet the guys that played such an important part in his life, I’m still a bit under the weather to be up for a long and loud night (with music I most likely won’t enjoy…shhh!).  He’s heading out with one of his oldest friends instead.

In the meantime, I thought it would the perfect night to attend to some beauty rituals…touching up my roots; scrubbing for the self-tanner; hanging out touching nothing while wearing self-tanner; and trying out a new face mask (I love facials, but rarely get around to applying masks at home).  It should be a fun night.

If only I had something appropriately chickie to watch.  Or a good, non-business, chick-littie book to read *sigh*  No worries, I can watch Clueless, Valley Girl, the Sweetest Thing or Pracitical Magic…again!  They never get old.  They might get dated, but not old.  Classics I tell ya!

Now I’m craving fruity cocktails and decadent desserts…uh oh!

So what do you usually do when your signifigant other leaves you home alone for the night (sick or not)?

2 thoughts on “Every Gal Deserves a Night Alone From Time to Time

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    I kind of miss those nights of indulgence. I think I had more of them when I wasn’t married. They are fun though 😉

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