I Have App Envy No More!!

Now, I’m just in need of some iPhone app suggestions.


Yes it’s true.  We got ourselves an iPhone.  I say we because well, we’re sharing it. Basically, its taking the business number and handling all of that. Plus, its enabling my husband to play around with apps and learn how to design them himself.

Truth be told, since I’m the one that works from home and carries the purse, I’ll most likely be the one that carries the phone.  Which means….I get to get me some fun apps!

So what do you suggest?  What do you have that’s fun?  What did you get that you actually find useful?  What did you  get that was a waste of money no matter how cool the reviews were?

Spill it!!

As it is, I can’t wait to start playing the Oregon Trail!  Can I get a flashback worthy woohoo!!  Here’s to dysentery…


2 thoughts on “I Have App Envy No More!!

  1. Miss Attitude

    I heart my iPhone and apps! So glad you’ve come to the dark side. I have so many I like, and honestly I mostly download the free ones b/c breaking my Verizon contract and buying the phone cost me enough!
    I love Lose It!, Sirius, vlingo, Facebook, Tweetdeck, Daily Mug, Yowza, ESPN Score Center and MLB at bat lite to name a few. Just found a new one today that seems great for cooking and it’s free too: AllRecipes.
    .-= Miss Attitude´s last blog ..It’s all about grinding your meat =-.

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    I’ve noticed your DailyMug. Sounds fun, but I’m not so sure I’m up for the commitment – LOL. I will definitely check out your recommendations. We already have a couple music/radio apps and of course, I have my Facebook and Twitter ( you know me!). Will keep investigating though.

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