Being Sick Sucks


I’ve been noticing some (seeming) breathing challenges the past week or so.  You know the kind, where it feels like you’re back in middle school in Jersey (pick any cold location here) in the dead of winter having to run outside for PE.  My chest has been feeling like that these past couple days. Just walking from the car to the front door leaves me achey and feeling winded.

Then late last night, before bed, I notice the ginormous purple bags under my eyes.  Beautiful I’m sure.

I’m kinda bummed.  I’ve been taking some amazing homeopathic meds for my sinus issues and I’ve been crazy impressed by how well it was working.  Of course, just the other day I bragged to my husband how this is the longest I’ve gone in a year or so without a sinus infection.  And blamo, the chest aches started up *grr*

I’m still crazy impressed with the homeopathic meds I’ve been taking for a couple months now (check it out if you have ANY kind of sinus crap going on –  Sinus Wars –  I can’t recommend it enough) and will continue to take those little pellets.  But, I think my chest might need some old school antibiotics.

If I wasn’t teaching, I’d wait it out and just go with the natural stuff.  But I don’t have that extra time right now.

All I want now is soup.  I wonder if I can convince the hubs to head out for some soup for dinner. Wonton soup would be perfect.

In the meantime, back to arranging for the upcoming gift guides.  Tons of works, but also lots of fun.

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