Color Me Embarassed


I just got a little over excited and posted a live updated congratulating myself on completing NaBloPoMo.  After histing “publish” I figured I should do a quick looksee and make sure I did indeed post at least one post every day.

Then I double-checked the dates against the calendar. Yes, that was my last step, not my first or second step.

Imagine my surprise to realize that the month wasn’t quite yet over.

How embarrassing.  No really…the post went live (so it shows up on everyone’s reader) so people know I’m an idiot that can’t tell when the month is over.

Oh well, shit happens.  At least I got today’s post written because of my mistake.

Now only one more post (tomorrow) to go and I truly am finished.

What’s your most recent excuse for having been publicly humiliated and full-on embarrassed?

(don’t even ask how many red-lined spelling errors I had in that one 13-word sentence – I’m embarrassed enough here already)

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