It’s Official: School is Over!


About an hour ago I finished grading the last batch of assignments and turned in my online grades.  Man, it feels good to be done.

The best part…I’m off until late March.  The even better best part…I get to go to SXSW without having to worry about missing any classes and feeling any guilt.  Awesome!

Which of course means I’ll be able to settle back into blogging and working with clients again.  Can’t wait.

I’m really looking forward to doing some blog redesign for a couple of my blogs.  I’ve got an idea of what I hope to accomplish and will need to learn a thing or two, but I’m quite excited.

I’m also looking forward to doing some back posts about things that I never did get around to writing.  I’ve been to a couple cool events: car launches, local events, Got Milk latte parties, cupcake tours, you name it.  I can’t wait to get caught up.

But first up, a meeting tomorrow with a friend about a new business proposition and then a vacation shortly there after.  Woohoo!

And if I find some time, I might actually get around to getting my Christmas cards and gifts in the mail in a timely manner (maybe…but probably not).

So how are your holiday plans coming along? Have you decided to give up on anything?

2 thoughts on “It’s Official: School is Over!

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    I so know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve decided that I won’t be sending Christmas cards this year and I refuse to feel guilty. LOL

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