Green and Gorgeous in LA

Last night was PrettyCity and Shape Magazine’s Green and Gorgeous event here in LA. A business acquaintance of mine, Golden Alchemy were there performing facials, so they made sure to let everyone on their list know about the event.

The event was held at Environment Furniture Showroom off of Beverly Boulevard.  I had fears that maybe combining women, beauty products, food and drink might wreck some havoc on the gorgeous furniture, but they really did a great job.  At no time did you feel like you were in a furniture store.  There was not only plenty of room to move about, but there were tables full of vendors as well as beauty treatment booths all around.

I got there early enough that I was able to try out a few different treatments.  From the folks at Bliss Hollywood I received a brief, but oh so delicious and much needed chair massage from Rosie (I can still feel the work she did in my shoulders) and a quickie Triple Oxygen Treatment.  My skin absolutely LOVED all that oxygen!

I also decided to go a little curlier than usual and spent some time with Brigitte from Orange Berlin, a European-inspired, eco-chic Pureology concept salon (okay, I’m not 100% certain on the officialness of their Pureology concept-ness, but that’s the line they use…and I love it!).  Of course, slave to the ponytail that I am, I just pulled it back today before heading to teach.  But it did make for a fab ponytail!

They also had chair massages available (which I didn’t get to try) from Tikkun Spa, an holistic spa with integrative services in both the healing arts and holistic medicine.  I’d love to check this place out, they have every cool thing you’ve ever read about: a jade room, an ice room, a clay room, a salt room, infrared therapy, and mugwart soaks.  How cool does all that sound?!?

In the back of the store, ROB|B OPI Concept Salon (the only OPI concept salon in the US – and where I have a mani/pedi waiting for me thanks to Groupon!) was offering up polish changes. And sadly, I wasn’t able to spend any time getting facials from Golden Alchemy.  I have to say, they were using some odd, tribal-looking wand and rubbing it over some gals face and all I could think while getting my curl on was “I so want that! Whatever it is.”  It looked totally relaxing.

I have to say, these past couple of years, I’ve been to a few different fashion and beauty events.  This event was my favorite by far.  We were also given an amazing goody bag full of tons of eco-friendly, full-size products!  I look forward to trying all the scrubs, lotions and potions.  And the lippies!!  I’m a very happy girl whenever lip balms (this one is super yummy), glosses and lipsticks are involved!

Great job Pretty City!!

I was hoping by now that someone would have posted photos or video from the event, but no such luck.  You’ll just have to trust me that it was a great event.  If I find anything over the next couple of days, I’ll be sure to post it up.

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