Are Your Favorite TV Shows on the Chopping Block?

I’ve gotten to the point these days that I don’t even want to start watching any new shows on the regular channels.  I figure half the time, the shows are canceled after only a couple episodes (like Lone Star) or you get sucked into what you think is a great show only to have the cancel it out from under you.

As it stands now, at least (this data from might not be completely recent at the time you read this) 16 shows are in the process of possibly getting canceled.  And yes, I watch  (or more accurately…watchED…in the case of Lone Star) six out of those 16.

What about your shows…are your favorites getting or at risk for getting canceled?

2 thoughts on “Are Your Favorite TV Shows on the Chopping Block?

  1. Sanden

    I pretty much won't watch a show until the entire series is on DVD. I really don't like cliff hangers.

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