Prince: Opening Night at the LA Forum

I should start by admitting that I’m not a huge Prince fan.  Like most folks my age, I’m a fan of his more known hits from the 80’s, but I can’t say I know much beyond Purple Rain.  But I was given the opportunity to join my husband at Prince’s opening night show (show 1 of a 21 day stint).  You can read his review of the night here, over on Soundspike (FB).

A couple things stood out that night:

  • $25 is a damn great ticket price!  Especially to see someone as awesome as Prince.
  • At 50+ Prince is still one damn fine entertainer – plenty of costume changes, lots of dancing, and some funny quips.
  • I had no idea he was such a strong guitar player (he’s the only guitar in his band – kinda wish he played more).
  • Be prepared for the show to start late (but wait it out in your seat so you’re not responsible for it starting even later).
  • Be prepared for the show to run LONG!  Our show was over 3 hours long and had 6 encores!
  • Wait it out until the very, very, very end…no matter how many times the band leaves the stage and the houselights come on.  They will be back.

I’m really glad I went.  Even if I’d have spent $150 for the show I’d have been glad I went.  It really was amazing.

My suggestion…get a hold of one of those $25 tickets (again, he’s doing a 21-day stint, so I don’t imagine he’ll be selling out each night).  Take your nosebleed seats and enjoy the show.  The minute you see people starting to leave after what they think is the encore, start working your way down to the floor.  Before the show is over, I have no doubt that you’ll be up close and personal with the man himself.

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