Thanksgiving Preparations

Every year, the husband and I pack up and head on over to his brother’s place for Thanksgiving festivities.  So once again I had to come up with foodstuffs that are not only Thanksgiving-y, but also something that travels well and doesn’t require any cooking once we arrive.

For the past couple years I’ve taken on the salad and corn casserole.  Last year I added some fresh baked no knead bread.  So this year I decided to go that route again.  And maybe throw in a few extras ‘cuz I’m crazy like that.

So we’ve got my now standards: spinach, gorganzola, cranberry and walnut salad; corn casserole; and no knead bread. But I’ve also added on a cranberry upside down cake (it looks so good).  And quite possibly cranberry and brie puff pasty bites – I haven’t yet decided if I have enough time in the morning.  I’m also not quite sure how well they’ll travel, so I might just scratch the puffs.

So what did you decide to make this year?  Any new recipes you want to share?

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