Gardening Woes

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Damn Squash Bugs!

Back in the late summer, I had a mess going on in my garden.  I had a squash bug infestation that took over my zucchini  my squash and my cucumbers.  I eventually had to call it a day and just rip them out.

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Damn Bagrada Bugs!

Then my garden (and every other garden in our community garden), got a nasty case of the bagrada bug.  Which basically will eat anything in sight.  And while I was slow to get them eating my veggies, it turns out at the end of my garden, hidden under my  nasturtium I was hosting a bagrada bug mating factory.

Which of course means, once they made it to my kale, it was high time to rip E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. out.  So sad.

So after not stepping foot in my garden for over a month, today I stopped by the local nursery to pick up some seedlings so I could get things growing again.

But what the hell?!?  I stopped at two different nurseries (Sunset Nursery – one of my all time faves) and OSH (one of my local hardware stores) and neither of them had much of anything.

And I mean nothing.  Some lettuce and some herbs.  And plenty of flowers. But not much else.

New Plants for the Winter Garden

I was able to pick up a new kale seedling and some purple cauliflower.  And a couple six-packs of flowers.  But that’s it.  No broccoli, no peas or beans.  Nada.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the crazy hot temperatures we’ve got going on these days.

Oh well, I guess in the end it’s better to test with fewer items to see if those damn bagrada bugs are still around.

Wish me luck!


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