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The Hubby’s Antics

Shortly after coming back from dinner and dropping off our friend I change into my oh, so sexy PJs. I sit down at the laptop to do a quick email check and which point the hubby looks to me and says all vague-like, “um, I need to go up the street for a minute.”

Me: Huh?
Him: Well, I’m doing work on the servers and I accidentally blocked our home IP.
Me: ?
Him: I did this earlier today. I just went up the street to the condos and used someone’s network.
Me: um…
Him: I’ll be right back.
Me: This isn’t just some excuse for you to meet up with some hoochie who will suck your c0ck, is it?
Him: *laughing* No. You can come with me.
Me: Okay, but I’m driving since you’ve been drinking.

We’re back now and the server is reset. For the record, it’s easier to borrow a WiFi connection while sitting curbside in a neighborhood full of houses than curbside outside of an apartment/condo complex. You know, in case you ever need to borrow someone’s unprotected WiFi connection.