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Damn! I Missed It!

Christmas double
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Well, happy belated blogaversary to me!!  I started this blog two years ago on New Years.  Well, I actually started it a few days into ’07 but I post-dated some stuff to bring me to the 1st. I’ve actually been blogging over on LJ since about 2002 or so (started when I was prepping for a friend’s wedding).

Sadly, when I had all the crap happen last year, I deleted that entire blog/journal.  I had always meant to take all those posts and import them into another WP blog, but I just never got around to it.  Then one day I told myself that I no longer wanted to hold on to the past and just deleted it all full out.

Wish I’d remember to at least save my post from when I met Sir Paul McCartney.  That was such an amazing and surreal moment that I regret not having taken a moment to save it.  Oh well, I’d like to think that I’ll never forget when a Beatle (!!!!) sat down next to me and had a conversation with me about space camp (have no idea how we ever got onto that topic, but it had something to do with that tourist trap, crazy house where they have reverse gravity in the Redwoods somewhere in Northern CA).  Well, that and the fact that he slapped my leg while making a point and also spilled his drink on me while talking.  Ahhh…such fun (and again, quite surreal) memories.

Happy Belated Birthday to ME!!!

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