Who’s on Second?

Do you remember your first? You know, the first. I was a sophmore in college and my roommate was gone for the weekend – as was much of the entire campus. For some reason, I remember hanging out in the common room and the next thing I know, there’s some guy up there with me. How we ever ended up back in my room drinking, I’ve no idea. But oh well.

I can’t say that the entire experience was even worth remembering, but then again, that’s why I chose to pop with a stranger (feel free to judge away). I figured it wouldn’t be special, so therefore, my follow up experiences would be much better. Strangely, though it was years later, I really don’t recall who my second was.

In my defense I know it was either Military PrickBoy or BigTime PrickBoy. Now before you cast your stone of judgement yet again, know that I had what my young adult self would consider relationships with both of the aforementioned PrickBoys. Sadly, they just both turned out to be major Pricks and kind of just blend together. Ahh, the joy of young love.

But really, almost everyone remembers their first time, but how many actually remember their second?

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