Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Imagine sleeping soundly in bed. The pupster is sleeping up tight agains you. The husband is but an arm’s reach away. Now imagine a large, I don’t know, JOLT that wakes you up from your sound and peaceful sleep. That, was my wake up call today.

Turns out, the hubby rolled right off the bed and onto the floor! Of course this freaked him out a bit – not quite the most soothing way to wake up and he seemed all sorts of frazzled as he climbed back into bed. Having a king sized bed, I was left a bit frazzled and confused myself.

A short while later, when we were both more awake, I asked him what happened. He said that he was straddling the side of the bed and just must have rolled a bit. I asked if it was somehow my fault – though I really meant the pupster’s fault since he was beg-hogging a bit – and he said it wasn’t. But I can’t help but wonder, maybe this is just a reflection on the state of our affairs.


Or maybe my husband just managed to roll out of bed. I could happen. Hell, it did happen.

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