Modern Medicine Rocks!

My fantabulous doctor just called me. After my not-so-graceful fall last week I headed out to the doctor for a quickie check up. While there I thought I’d have her check both my thyroid levels (since I’m feeling a bit symptomatic again) and my testosterone levels (since my dermo seems to think I might have PCOS because I’m over 35 and still getting cystic acne – as if being overweight isn’t enough).

Well, turns out I don’t in fact have PCOS and my testosterone (or whatever) levels are just fine. To be honest, both my doc and I thought the dermo was a bit of a whack job for going there. My acne is all but PMS-time, gone. So that’s good to know.

She did tell me though to double up on my thyroid meds. This is good news to me. It means I’ll be sleeping better, the stupid lump in my throat will go away, the occasional, light-headed, dizzy spells will go away, and no more arm tinglies when I’m reading in bed. And to think, these symptoms are nothing compared to what I was dealing with before the meds! And won’t the hubby be happy when the snoring stops (he actually woke me up when I first started my meds – and they worked – to tell me that I wasn’t snoring — goofball!)

So yeah, modern medicine rocks!!

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