Hopped Up on Diet Coke

I ran some errands earlier today to pick up the missing dinner ingredients (goat cheese, sugar snap peas and chocolate covered strawberries – yum!) and in true Valentine’s Day style, I decided to treat myself to a scone and a movie. Both, were quite yummy.

Let me start by extolling the virtues of Portos. A year or so they opened up a second location in Burbank and boy-o has that made things easier. This is my go to bakery – when I want a fine dessert for a special occasion, Portos it is; when I want the world’s most perfect scone, Portos is my place; when I need treats for a bridal or baby shower, you better believe I’ll be getting my treats from Portos. And on those rare occasions when this gal is craving a potato ball (a potato-y ball of heaven is a more accurate description), Portos is where I head. Come to think of it, does anyone else even make that potato-y ball of heaven? Kind of makes you wonder why Jennifer Lopez had such a difficult time finding “piping hot cuban bread” in the greater LA area (side note: next time she should consider using a recording studio in Burbank or Glendale – both cities have a Portos!!)

From there I came home to drop off my chocolate-covered strawberries extraordinary and remembered that Music & Lyrics starts today. As a bit of a Hugh Grant fan, I also happen to be love both, the chickflick and chicklit genres. My hubby, not so much. So I figured what better than to head out to the matinĂ©e showing. Thanks to those extra long previews and pre-movie commercials I made it just in time. Unrelated to the topic of hand of course, but I can’t help but wonder, if anywhere else in the country actually get real commercials as part of the pre-movie experience?

Moving on…I think the movie was quite good. Yes, it had is predictable moments – but what chickflick doesn’t? I think the casting was perfect, and both Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant played their roles just as you’d have expected. There was just enough humor that you’d bust into the occasional giggle or chuckle. I was actually quite surprised that Hugh and Drew sang their own songs. I can’t imagine that either of them will have a career in the music business, but it was good enough to actually enjoy (there are song samples on the movie’s website.)

And of course, what late-30’s gal (aw hell, did I just admit that?!) can’t relate to Kristen Johnston’s 80’s fanatic character? I know I’ll be going crazy and singing right along when George Michael comes to town. There’s just something about the memories and music from the 80’s *sigh* my hubby just doesn’t get it. And ladies, I know for a fact that the George Michael tour schedule is in the works!!

But really, I’d recommend the movie. It’s definitely a well spent two hours. I can’t imagine that the guys would enjoy it nearly as much (a bit too much butt-wagging), but I’m sure they’d appreciate Haley Bennett and her Shakira-esque dance moves. (Note to Self: remember to purchase Hips Don’t Lie for the workout mix).

Now that I’m coming off my caffeine high, I think it’s time to get started on that Valentine’s dinner – pomegranate pork loin – yum! And let’s not forget the champagne. I guess tonight is yet another non-WW day. Aw hell, I just need to write this week off and start over again – not like we’ve never done that sort of thing before, right?

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