I Miss My Boys!

Wow, nearly two weeks away from my hubby is just too much. It’s just insane. I realized that while I was out of state and away from him, I missed him SO much. But once I got home, and was able to snuggle into bed with the boys, I really didn’t miss him so much. So I’m thinking, it’s really more about being away from home AND away from him.

The cool thing about this trip apart (I left for 5 days, then we met up in Austin for one night, then he came home 4 days later) was how often we were able to talk this time around. Usually, when he goes to Austin, he’s so busy going from show to show that we barely even talk. I’m fine with that, but really, this time around, it was nice to be able to talk from time to time.

But let’s just say…it’s so sweet when he comes home and we can all snuggle together. All the more reason to affirm that I am SO happy and grateful now that I’m in a loving, caring, affectionate, sex-filled, relationship!!

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