Focus Baby, Focus.

Wow, it’s day 34 of the 100 Day Challenge! Time has been flying by! I’ve met some really cool people while I was in Austin at South by Southwest. Who knew that an interactive/music/film festival would give me some of the very insight and focus I was craving.

I know I’ve mentioned last week how I kept hearing about the E-Myth and Michael Gerber (I love his story about how he found his calling). I’m really learning a lot and luckily, he has a great writing style that makes it read more like he’s talking to you than some business book.

While there I also met some other great folks such as Tim Ferriss (more about him later), Jenny Hart, Vickie Howell, two other really cool people that use the law of attraction to help attract your ideal client.

So yeah, things are really coming into focus…

* I am so happy and grateful now that our business is doing so well and earning $3000+ a month through multiple sources of revenue.

* I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources of on a continuous basis, for the good of all involved.

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