Oh the Glorious Universe!

“The Universe is bringing all good things to me, for the good of all involved.”

While I’ll admit I haven’t been focusing a lot on my Challenge (I may have even gone over my 100 Days, to be honest), but I have been spending some time reading. I’ve been double-fisting it, as it were, with The Secret and with The Law of Attraction. And both are giving me quite a lot to think about.

My main mantra lately has been a myriad of variations on the above affirmation. I repeat it to myself over and over while falling asleep. I repeat it to myself while stuck in traffic. I repeat it to myself while washing my hair. I like it. It’s quick, easy to remember and to the point. I’ve found that for affirmations to mean something to me, I have to be able to remember them and repeat them quickly and easily. That makes this one a keeper.

I’m loving how simple it is to co-create with Spirit and the Universe. Let’s face it, it should be easy. And fun. If it’s a chore, it’s going to feel like work and won’t come easily. There are so many things to be grateful for (even my seemingly non-stop, barking dog – he just won’t hush as I’m writing this – guess he’s got a lot to say on this topic as well) to get bogged down in the details.

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