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Lather. Rinse. Repeat

Oprah must be running repeats of the Secret or something as I’m getting most of my visitors from “Oprah” or “100 Day Challenge” search terms. I wish I had a better tracker so I could get more information, but oh well. Something to work on, right?

Happy Weekend Everyone! And please, feel free to say Hiya!. I don’t bite. And I’m pretty cool chick if I do say so myself 😉

Oh the Glorious Universe!

“The Universe is bringing all good things to me, for the good of all involved.”

While I’ll admit I haven’t been focusing a lot on my Challenge (I may have even gone over my 100 Days, to be honest), but I have been spending some time reading. I’ve been double-fisting it, as it were, with The Secret and with The Law of Attraction. And both are giving me quite a lot to think about.

My main mantra lately has been a myriad of variations on the above affirmation. I repeat it to myself over and over while falling asleep. I repeat it to myself while stuck in traffic. I repeat it to myself while washing my hair. I like it. It’s quick, easy to remember and to the point. I’ve found that for affirmations to mean something to me, I have to be able to remember them and repeat them quickly and easily. That makes this one a keeper.

I’m loving how simple it is to co-create with Spirit and the Universe. Let’s face it, it should be easy. And fun. If it’s a chore, it’s going to feel like work and won’t come easily. There are so many things to be grateful for (even my seemingly non-stop, barking dog – he just won’t hush as I’m writing this – guess he’s got a lot to say on this topic as well) to get bogged down in the details.


Have you ever really thought about that things that you compulsively purchase knowing full well that you don’t need? I like to tell myself that I’m practicing the fine art of plenty – meaning, there is no lack, and therefore I spend as part of attracting. You, give and take, ebb and flow, ying and yang. Well today was one of those days – Day 41 .

I like cookbooks and recipes. Thing is, I don’t like to cook using cookbooks. For some reason, I tend to do my cooking off of recipes that the ladies on my website post. I like to think that they’re more tried and true than a random recipe. Yet, I can’t seem to stop myself from buying cookbooks or cooking magazines. I recently signed up for both, Cooks Illustrated and Cooking Light (neither have started up yet). You see, I’m one of those rare breeds that sits down and reads a cookbook.

Today though, today I just have the overwhelming urge to pick up two of the special edition Best of Cooking Light magazine. And you better believe the first thing I did when I got home was sit down and read them both, cover to cover. I have to say though, they did have some very yummy sounding recipes in there that I’m fairly certain I’ll be making as I have decided that we need to eat at home more often.

In defense of my impulse shopping and how it all relates to my 100 Day Challenge and journey, I also picked up Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction. It was on my Christmas list this year, but I didn’t get it. So seeing it at Costco, I just had to have it, especially considering I finished their last book about a month ago now. Funny thing about Costco, they had The Secret DVD as well. Who knew? They always say that the teacher will come when the student is ready so good for Oprah and Costco for providing the message to new students.

And speaking of The Secret, I should be getting my copy of Rhonda Byrne’s book. My local bookstores were out of it and Amazon was on a month or so wait, so I picked it up from an independent bookseller on Amazon. Funny thing, it was every where I turned around in Austin – okay, three places, but you get the idea. A little aside here, did you know that Esther Hicks and Abraham were in the original Secret movie? If you haven’t checked out their teachings, I suggest you do. Good stuff and in small digestible chunks (just the way I prefer my spiritual brain food). 😉

What Is The Secret

Focus Baby, Focus.

Wow, it’s day 34 of the 100 Day Challenge! Time has been flying by! I’ve met some really cool people while I was in Austin at South by Southwest. Who knew that an interactive/music/film festival would give me some of the very insight and focus I was craving.

I know I’ve mentioned last week how I kept hearing about the E-Myth and Michael Gerber (I love his story about how he found his calling). I’m really learning a lot and luckily, he has a great writing style that makes it read more like he’s talking to you than some business book.

While there I also met some other great folks such as Tim Ferriss (more about him later), Jenny Hart, Vickie Howell, two other really cool people that use the law of attraction to help attract your ideal client.

So yeah, things are really coming into focus…

* I am so happy and grateful now that our business is doing so well and earning $3000+ a month through multiple sources of revenue.

* I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources of on a continuous basis, for the good of all involved.

Live from SXSW Interactive!

It’s day 27 in my 100 Day Challenge and I’m currently hanging out in Austin at the South by South West Interactive Conference. And while this has nothing in particularly to do directly with the Challenge itself, I’m learning SO much and really receiving a ton of good information that I’m certain is a direct result of the energy I’ve been putting out. And the best part, since I seem to have left my power cord at my friend’s house in Dallas, I’m forced to conserve my computer time and focus on the actual people and events, going with the flow instead of hanging out in my own head.

Quick parting words…I got the message at least twice to check out The E Myth by Michael H. Gerber that I actually drove out to the local bookstore on my lunch break to pick it up (and score some YUMMY Amy’s Mexican Vanilla ice cream!). It’s really shaping up to be EXACTLY the sort of book I needed to help me to clarify my business success goals. So talk about needing to be open to what messages the Universe sends your way.

And now, I have a party (with a free drink or two!) to get too. I’ll post more after I either get back to Dallas or get back to LA.

100 Day Challenge – Day 21

I received the most interesting phone call the other day. Out of the blue I received a phone call about a job. Now that might not seem like a big deal, but I haven’t worked out of the home (not on my website, that is) for just over two years.

I haven’t even been looking for work for nearly two years now. I still have no idea how she found me, or even why she thought to give me a call (considering the caller herself said that I was over-qualified).

Since one of my focuses during this challenge right now is to bring in additional income from multiple sources and since I’m open to whatever the Universe might provide, I’m not the least bit surprised. In particular, I’m considering leaning towards doing some non-profit sort of work.

So again, I’m just loving this challenge and all the many things that are showing up in my life. Too cool!

* I am so happy and grateful now that our business is doing so well and earning $3000+ a month through multiple sources of revenue.

* I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis, for the good of all involved.

100 Day Challenge – Day 18

A Couple of Observations…

One – Everyone is going absolutely C.R.A.Z.Y. for The Secret!!! I tried to order a copy of the book off of Amazon last week and it had about a 2 week or so delay. I didn’t feel like waiting, so I canceled my order. Then today, I stopped by B&N to pick up a copy (and my next book club book – Lolly Winston’s Happiness Sold Separately, which they were sold out of!) and they were sold out! The woman said the publishers just can’t seem to publish enough for the demand. Man, that Oprah is amazing…what she can do for book and product sales!

Two – One of the biggest changes I’m noticing since participating in the 100 Day Challenge (aside from the money just showing up!!) is that I’ve become a lot more mellow. I’m noticing others getting upset and frustrated in lines, or in traffic, or whatnot. But me, I’m cool as a cucumber with no worries. And let me just say, I’m SO loving that. Talk about things to be grateful for!

Three – I also seem to be purging a lot of crap. In a good way. I wrote earlier about what appeared to be a little breakdown of sorts with plenty of tears and pent up frustrations getting cleared. This was great because it really seemed to give me some much needed clarity and it brought the hubby and I closer. But now I seem to be dealing with a sinus-turned-bronchitis sort of thing. I’d let it work it’s way out, but I’ll be flying in a few days and after having flown with some sinus congestion a month or so ago, there’s just NO WAY in hell, I’m going through that again. But I do recognize that it’s just my body’s way of purging some crap. So I can be more than grateful for this cleansing experience – and I’m more than open to medication & healing 😉

Who Can Complain About Free Money?

It’s Day 14 of my 100 Day Challenge and let me say that things are running quite smoothly! I’d had two invitations to take part in consumer testing. Which basically translates to FREE money!! I mean all I had to do is talk about what I like or don’t like about certain products. So my multiple streams of income affirmation is working baby –> I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.

I also picked up my Ask and It is Given book the other day. You know, for some reason, I seem to have challenges staying focused when reading Positive Thinking/Law of Attraction sort of books. I tend to start day dreaming and going off on tangents, so last night was the first time I’d picked it up in a while.

Did you know that they have 22 lessons, affirmation or games, as they like to call them that are guaranteed to raise your vibrations and to help you get you get focused in co-creating? It’s very cool. I figure I can pick one “game” each night before going to bed and that will give me some focus. Pretty cool, huh?

100 Day Challenge – Day 11

I haven’t been around much the past couple of days, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t humming along just as expected. In fact, I had a bit of an epiphany this past weekend (at least that’s what I’m choosing to call it since it sounds SO much better than breakdown – LOL).

I think, for the most part, it was a time for purging and cleansing, both in the relationship department and the work department. For the first time, in a long time, the hubby and I had a real, heart to heart about stuff that was going on in our lives. This not only brought us closer as a couple (hello, smoochie smoochies!) but also helped us to clarify some of the bigger picture items

One of the bigger issues that we talked about was my job. As I’ve mentioned briefly in passing, I’m an administrator of a women’s online community. The interesting part, is that I kind of just fell into this. There was an opportunity, the hubby jumped on it, and wham-o, I’m an administrator. It turned out to be a wonderful thing, in so many ways, since just a month or so before (or after, I’m really not so sure) I had lost my job and shortly after that it turned out that I was the primary caregiver for my father-in-law. So everything really does happen for a reason.

Only catch…it’s not something I ever had any desire to do. Lucky for me, I enjoy it, I just sometimes have some challenges in finding focus or motivation regarding the site. So in my epiphany moment (thanks to my loving husband), we’ve talked about maybe turning the site into a non-profit sort of thing and spreading out further to helping other women create a web-based presence – roughly speaking. It’s still in the beginning stages.

So while I’m away at SXSWi I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open to the opportunities that I’m certain will be presenting themselves. I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought just yet, but I really feel that this will be right for me (for us) and that it came into my life at this appropriate and perfect time. I love when it all works out this way.

And as a neat “look, here’s another example of how the Universe works!” event…after putting a new home on my affirmation list, we kind of just bumped into a perfectly suited home this weekend while out walking the boy. I believe it has everything we were looking for on the list and believe or not. Even the price was pretty right. I don’t believe that this one is The One, but I just love seeing how the Universe brings forth what you ask for.

So go baby, go! And just think, we’re only on Day 11!!

100 Day Challenge – Day 5

While this entry isn’t specifically about my focus and the challenge itself, it is about what sort of things the Universe brings your way, and what lessons might be in it for you.

Friends have always been a very important part of my life. I like to think of friends as the family we choose to have in our lives. And while I’ve never had what some might consider a lot of friends, I’ve always been happy with the friendships that I have. I’m the type that would do anything for a friend.

Now the Lounge here isn’t my first and only blog. I also keep a pretty regular journal where I have developed some deep, online friendships. I don’t really mix the two and that’s mostly due to my job. As a website administrator in a women’s community, my life is a pretty open book and all of my journal friends, are part of that community (and therefore, my work environment). The Lounge, on the other hand is more for me and not so much about a community.

Well, as one would expect of a journal, I spend quite a bit of my time in there discussing the minutia of my day – work, errands, friends, family, vacations, what have you. And yesterday was no different. So there I was commenting on someone’s behavior (and more importantly, their reaction to a reprimand) on my site. I didn’t name names, nor did I get into specifics, which is how I typically do things. Yet somehow, what I said wound up being repeated in a friend’s journal (in a private – not for my eyes – post).

Interestingly, it was by the very same woman that took something I said once before and repeated it around my community trying to cause some drama. Thing is, when I seem to snark (as we tend to call it) about a situation or a member, it’s not something I haven’t already said to that very member through email or PMs. So basically, I own it. But somehow, I just felt so hurt.

To have this very same individual take something out of my safe zone and repeat it, and then lock me out of it, so basically, it’s all going on behind my back, left me a little shocked. Yet surprisingly, not really bothered. I mean, I had already forgiven this friend the first time around and let her continue to be a part of my journal and my life (never blocking her out to begin with, even after it all went down). This time, I was able to just send her an email to let her know that she hurt my feelings and move on.

This to me is pretty big. Normally I can perseverate on something like this for quite some time, ranting and raving about being violated and disappointed, playing the victim role perfectly. This time around, I just naturally and instinctively chose to handle it all from a higher place and move on. Heck, in my email with her I even wished her well in her future endeavors (she’s been looking for work).

So for me, this is just kind of proof that changing your focus and letting things go, is a much less stressful way of life. I really feel that this is all part of my plan, working in action. Did I not say just the other day that I am so happy and grateful now that I am a complete, confident and beautifully, fabulous woman.

I am grateful for this experience and acknowledgment today. I welcome this confidence with open arms. Thank you Spirit!!