Thursday Thirteen – 13+ Songs from the Police Show at Staples

Okay, it’s more than thirteen songs, but how else could I justify posting about their first LA show in 24 years!!! That’s a loooong time, no matter how you slice it. I’ve been dying for this show for those same 24 years (*ah* Veteran’s Stadium in Philly – a mere teen – what an awesome day!). So here goes…

I just got back from the Police show about an hour ago. I have to say, while I had an awesome time, it really wasn’t the best show ever. In fact, about mid-show (Invisible Sun-ish) I actually thought to myself that for a greatest hits show, it wasn’t half as good as the Petty show I saw last summer. And that says a lot considering I’m a HUGE Police fan and not much of a Petty fan at all. They just didn’t seem to be having as much fun or playing like they enjoyed the crowd. Maybe it’s still too early in the tour, but I don’t think so.

I will say though, they looked awesome! I’m thinking they’ve been doing some clean living ’cause they’re aging much better than your average rock-n-roller, rock star. Stu looked awesome as usual. Sting looked good (though something about him in a baggy shirt and skinny-legged pants just doesn’t sit too well with me). Andy was rockin’ it (though Richard said he was obvious playing easy compared to how they sounded 20+ years ago.

So yeah, I enjoyed myself beyond belief. And the fans, well pretty much everyone there was a total fan (except for the weirdo row of hot chicks in front of us that just randomly disappeared after the third song never to be seen again until right before the encore – a couple of said hottie girls didn’t even know the words to Every Breath – how lame!) But really, stuff was just missing. There wasn’t much audience participation – very little Roxanne-o and even less So lo-lo-lo-ing going on – and if you know anything about Police shows from back in the day, they were jam-packed with sing-a-longs. Kind of makes me want to track down a bootleg from their Zenyatta tour (Synchronicity never really did much for me – I tended to like them harder and edgier).

I don’t know if they just didn’t trust the LA crowd (Springsteen is rumored to HATE playing to the “industry” crowd in LA) or what. It was strange though considering they had audience mics everywhere, so they were recording. You might think that would be reason enough to put some effort into the performance. They also kept going dark between the songs and that kind of bugged me since I had to watch the show on the monitors (so no monitors on the after-the-song antics that are usually fun to witness).

So yeah, it was a fun show and I loved singing and dancing along. I had so much fun, I left unable to hear (first show without earplugs in I don’t know how long) and without a voice I from screaming and singing along so much. But for $250 tickets, it just wasn’t that great and I just didn’t leave there wowed. Maybe I’m just too jaded with all the concerts we go to. But dammit, I was really wanting to be blown away by an incredible show. Did I mention I waited 24 years for this show?!?!

And I have to say, I’m quite bummed that we got gyped out of Murder By Numbers since 1) it was on earlier set lists and 2) it happens to be one of my favorite songs. According to previous show set lists, they also gyped us out of Spirits in the Material World. We wound up getting 19 out of the 21 songs on the other set lists. They wound up ending the show with at least 10 more minutes (and upwards of 20 more minutes) left before curfew. That’s enough for 3 more songs – or at least 2 more and a bit of a sing-a-long!

I will say, it was definitely fun to see them together again and if I had the ability, I’d head on over to see them again this same tour in a couple of months hoping they sound a little better. For those of you left to see them still, maybe try lowering your expectations a bit (yes they’re a super group, but unlike all of the current super groups, they’ve spent the past 24 years apart!) and I’m sure you’ll have a fun time jamming to some great songs!

Playlist (8:47 out of seats for some Bob Marley – 8:50 on stage)
* Message in a Bottle
* Synchronicity II
* Walking on the Moon
* Voices in My Head & Don’t Stand So Close
* Driven to Tears
* Bed too Big
* Every Little Thing
* Truth Hits Everybody
* Wrapped Around Your Finger
* De Do Do Do
* Invisible Sun
* Walking in Your Footsteps
* Can’t Stand Losing You
* Roxanne

* Kind of Pain (10:15)
* So Lonely

* Every Breath

* Next to You (off stage by 10:40)

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