Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Home Remodel

Yes, the southern California housing market is still insane. So yes, we’re still renting. I don’t mind renting. Really. But I do mind that for the past two weeks, either our upstairs neighbor (landlord) or our next door neighbor have woken us up at the crack of dawn nearly every day to have something on their house done.

In the past year, our landlords have tiled the kitchen, remodeled the kitchen cabinets, sink and appliances, repainted the entire apartment, tore down and rebuilt their stairs (now that was some scary shit to wake up to considering the wall was where our heads were!), and are now putting in hardwood flooring. I get it, it’s their property and they can do whatever they want.

But it sucks to know that they’ve got some new awesome stove and we’ve got some used piece-o-crap that doesn’t even heat up correctly. Or that they’ve got new flooring while we’ve got this ancient tile that can’t even get clean any more. Then to have him basically say that once we move out, he’ll upgrade this and remodel that. Well, that just kind of sucks because let’s be honest, we don’t plan to move anytime soon. We love our neighborhood and we actually love our landlords and our apartment. We’re very grateful that we found such great place. I’m sure our time will come. In fact, I’m certain.

Now if we could only get our neighbors to realize the sound ordinance says nothing can start until after 8:00AM. Not that the extra hour would do all that much for us since we tend to not even go to bed before 2:00AM (and why we don’t complain considering we choose to live this schedule). But man, a little silence in the morning sure would be appreciated.

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