Heading To Chicago – Let’s Hope it’s My Kind of Town

Lakeshore Drive
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In a couple of weeks I’m off to Chicago. The hubby will be attending a conference during the week and then shooting a music festival out that way (Pitchfork) over the weekend so he invited me along for the weekend. For the most part, I’m going to be on my own from about mid-day (which is morning for us night owls) until late eveningish. We don’t know specifics just yet and he can’t seem to find the answers anywhere – so if you know how things run at Pitchfork, feel free to drop me a comment!

We’ll be staying at the W on Lakeshore, and I’ve already booked my visit to Bliss. Way back when, when I was taking care of my dying father-in-law, my husband offered his sister and I a spa package. Man I was psyched! At the last minute, he offered her some Kenny Chesney tickets and bam-o, my spa trip was canceled (I can’t quite blame her though). So I decided to treat myself while in Chicago, so I’m going with a 90 minute Carrot and Sesame Buff with a Hair Dew. Yummy. I can’t wait.

I’ll also be meeting up Saturday with one of my moderators and another friend from my site out in the ‘burbs somewhere. I’ll actually be taking the train out to meet them – yikes! We’ll visit, get tattoos (we’ll I won’t since I have my scrub the following day, but that was the original plan anyway) and have some good drinks, good food and good company. We’re keeping it small since it’s such short notice. I’m really looking forward to it.

And well, since I’m meeting up with my moderator and some members, why not turn it into a biz trip, right? So I’m also meeting with the admin/mod team of a local Chicago community that broke away from the Knot (much in the same way my site broke away from the WeddingChannel). Should be fun to be able to chat and share ideas.

Which of course doesn’t really leave me with all that much free time, but since I’m not that much of a shopper, I thought maybe I could just check out Chicago. Or at least my end of Chicago. I really, really want to go on one of the architectural cruises – I just have to convince the hubby that it’s worth the time and the money. I think the photo ops alone would excite him (I know one of my motivating factors!) Otherwise, I think I’d like to just kind of wander around and take pictures. I’m even going to confiscate his old D70 for this trip!

This is probably one of the only vacations we’ll take together where the hubby won’t have to have music since he’ll be at the festival all day. But because of being at the festival all day, we’ll also need to find some nearby, late-night restaurants. It’s not so much about the price tag of the meals as it is about being good food with a good ambiance – bar food is fine if it’s good. So again, I’m more than open to any suggestions.

With luck, we’ll fall in love with Chicago and just have to come back and visit longer. Since I’ve never really done the carefree-gal-alone-in-the-city thing before, I’m definitely open to hearing all about the must-see, must-do, on-a-quickie-visit-to-Chicago suggestions. So suggest away!!

That and well, if anyone wants to meet up for coffee or drinks, I’m always open to that too! 😉

4 thoughts on “Heading To Chicago – Let’s Hope it’s My Kind of Town

  1. cityview

    Geez, I’m a total moron – I JUST now connected the dots with you and CC. Duh. (I don’t venture out of my journal too much.)

    So I live one block from the W! You’re staying in a great location, and I’d be happy to send you some specific recs, if you’re interested! Just let me know how you prefer to get the info. You’re going to love it here 😀

  2. Kat

    Yep, that’s why I’m hoping my blog stays invisible for a while longer. So while I’d love for non-CCers to find me, I’d prefer to avoid the CCers.

    And yes, if you’re that close to the W, please, share away!!! We’ll take some late night dining and a good breakfast/brunch on a Monday recommendations please!! And of course, any must-see, must-photograph within a decent walk, too please. I’ll go PM you my email address.

  3. Kat

    Bobby, thanks for stopping by. You wouldn’t happen to have any Chicago suggestions for me, would you? But those are some great pictures, aren’t they? That’s why I picked them to link to. Hopefully, I’ll get some great pictures myself while visiting.

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