Who Needs Sleep?

There’s just something wrong with being jarringly awoken from a dead sleep by the sound of a GIANT roll of packaging tape ripping off the roll as it tapes up a house (okay, that’s what it sounded like to me). And of course, this is punctuated with the pneumatic nail gun bang-banging and the air compressor turning on and off. Really, it’s not a good way to wake up. I feel like I’m terribly hungover, yet only had one of my hot-damn-these-kick-ass! margaritas.

Tonight were in for another late night (off to see Great Northern at the Hammer) and tomorrow I have a crazy early day babysitting for a friend. Yeah, this day will surely turn out well. But really, who needs sleep?

Me, dammit, me!! I get horrible bags under my eyes and don’t function well. So guess who will be taking a nap once the house people go home? Seriously, how does my husband function on less than five hours of sleep a night? I just can’t do it.

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