How Many Books Do You Read?

I don’t mean in the 50 Book Challenge sort of way. I mean, more like the how many books do you read a week? Or how many books do you read at once? You know, how many books are by your bedside? I ask because I’m since it’s summer, I’m once again blowing through 2-4 books a week – there’s just something about summer TV that has me just ignoring it all together and laying on the couch (in front of a fan or three) and reading instead.

I noticed the other night that I have about four books that I’ll usually be reading at once – something new agey, new thoughtish; something business-like; something I’m totally and completely digging (more than likely chick lit); and something that I just can’t seem to get into at the moment. Then I notice that I’ll also head out to the library or bookstore (hello, air conditioning!) and pick up another stack of books to read at some point.

So really, how many books do you read at once? And um…how big is your stack?

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