Bye Bye Baby, B’Bye

So bright and early I got up to take the hubby off to the flyaway shuttle to LAX. Man, I do hate getting up so early and it’s even worse having done it on such little sleep. But oh well, it needed to be done and I’ll be doing it again for myself on Friday. Needless to say, I’ve been frazzled since and fighting off a migraine *yuck*

It’s weird though, the hubby has business trips two, maybe three times a year, and really, I’m fine with it. But today, for some reason, it saddened me to see him go. I don’t normally get sad when he leaves and in fact, we can go days without talking and just touching base through text messages if it comes down to it. But today though, yeah, not the same. Though I’ll see him again on Friday when I get to Chicago, so it’s not really a big deal.

Maybe I’ll just take advantage of the hubby-free time and eat all those things that they hubby won’t eat with me. Take out pizza and Ben & Jerry’s. Yum!!

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