Rantings of a Frustrated WWer

I’ll admit it, I’ve been slacking lately. I’m *mostly* watching what I’m eating and working out (some – mostly hour long walks with my hubby and the pupster at night), but otherwise, I’m just not feeling it. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to stick to it and play by the rules.

I weighed in today and in the past month I’ve gained 1.6 pounds (with losses mixed in with the gains). While that’s not a lot, it still sucks. I’ve been gaining and losing the same damn two pounds for months now. I look at myself and I see that I’ve lost weight (I have an obvious chin now!). I walk places or climb stairs and I feel that I’ve lost weight. I try on smaller clothes and I can tell that I’ve lost weight. But dammit, I want the scale to show this as well.

I need to get focused. I need to make wise choices. I need to work out, in addition to walking with Richard at night. I need to track. I really, really, need to track and hold myself accountable. I need to walk away from the alcohol and nibbles here and there. Man, losing weight sucks.

I know what my challenges are. I know it’s my responsibility and mine alone. I’m the one that sits on the couch. I’m the one that shovels in the food. I’m the one that orders the margarita. I know that WW works. I’ve seen it work for others and I’ve personally had it work for me in the past. Dammit, why do I fight myself so?!?!

Someone, anyone, feel free to smack some sense into me! Please.

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