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Gaiam’s 10 DVD Workout Package – It’s a Killer Deal!

A friend pointed this out to me earlier today in her blog. This really is a great deal (and I *heart* Leslie Sansone!)

Toned and Healthy DVD Set

Ten DVDs on a variety of healthy lifestyle topics, like walking, yoga, weight loss and sleep solutions.

Assorted kit; contents may vary. DVDs that may be included are: Leslie Sansone Short Cuts 1 & 2, Leslie Sansone You Can do Yoga, Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Abs, Leslie Sansone Ab Buster, Leslie Sansone Short Cuts 3, Leslie Sansone Walking Collection, Leslie Sansone Walking Collection 2, Health Solutions for Sleep Multimedia Kit, Health Solutions for Stress Kit, Yoga for Weight Loss DVD collection. ”

It’s listed at $28.99 – on clearance from $214! Take an additional $10 off with this code: CS88 (for $10 off $15 or more)

With shipping it came to $26.32 for me.

Gotta Love Those Mini Melons!

I am addicted to those Dulcinea watermelons. They’re thin skinned so they’re easy to slice up. They’re virtually seedless (every once and a while a seed or two can be found). They’re the perfect size for just the two of us over a couple of days. The majority of the time they have just the right consistency and sweetness. And well, they’re just perfect. What more could you ask for in a watermelon? Especially when you’re addicted enough that every other day you’re at the store buying a new one? Luckily, they’re only 1 WW point per cup.

And did you know that in Japan they grow their mini watermelons into shapes? Think how much easier it would be to slice up a square watermelon. They actually grow the melons in glass boxes so that the melon will naturally assumed the same shape – and then charge upwards of $80US for them! I hear they do similar silly things with their cucumbers.

Rantings of a Frustrated WWer

I’ll admit it, I’ve been slacking lately. I’m *mostly* watching what I’m eating and working out (some – mostly hour long walks with my hubby and the pupster at night), but otherwise, I’m just not feeling it. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to stick to it and play by the rules.

I weighed in today and in the past month I’ve gained 1.6 pounds (with losses mixed in with the gains). While that’s not a lot, it still sucks. I’ve been gaining and losing the same damn two pounds for months now. I look at myself and I see that I’ve lost weight (I have an obvious chin now!). I walk places or climb stairs and I feel that I’ve lost weight. I try on smaller clothes and I can tell that I’ve lost weight. But dammit, I want the scale to show this as well.

I need to get focused. I need to make wise choices. I need to work out, in addition to walking with Richard at night. I need to track. I really, really, need to track and hold myself accountable. I need to walk away from the alcohol and nibbles here and there. Man, losing weight sucks.

I know what my challenges are. I know it’s my responsibility and mine alone. I’m the one that sits on the couch. I’m the one that shovels in the food. I’m the one that orders the margarita. I know that WW works. I’ve seen it work for others and I’ve personally had it work for me in the past. Dammit, why do I fight myself so?!?!

Someone, anyone, feel free to smack some sense into me! Please.

Fits Like a Glove

And it was on sale to boot!!!

Out here in the Valley, it gets hot in the summer. I mean really hot – and I’m sure I’ll be posting about that quite a bit from here on out. And me, well, I work from home in our barely air conditioned apartment (thank God it’s on the bottom floor!!) that also gets hot inside with the AC on! And working from home, well, there’s never much of a need to dress up – unless you count running to the grocery store or visiting with the UPS guy (yeah, like we’re buds). So I’m always looking for comfortable clothes to lounge about in.

Since I’ve started working out some months ago, along with our hour+ evening walks, I’m just blowing through my sports bras. *There’s a connection here, keep reading* I keep buying new ones, yet I never seem to have enough. The other day I decided to stop by Old Navy and check out their rockin’ summer sale (they’re losing their in-store plus department and everything is bargain basement cheap). While there wasn’t all too much for me that I needed or wanted (again, it’s not like I need the perfect outfit to sit in our office and mess around on the computer all day), I decided to pick up a new sports bra.

I wasn’t really expecting much, but man, I’m in love! So much so that I ran out yesterday during our crazy day of furniture shopping to hit up a different Old Navy and picked up two more. I have a feeling I will be living in these all summer. So much more comfortable than my more bra-like sports bras. It doesn’t rub, chafe (not that mine ever did), or move around. It’s long enough that it sits super comfortable on my back and doesn’t cut into my ribcage right under the boobies. It’s great for working out as well as for lounging about.

So while this is a strange as hell topic to blog about. I just have to say…I’m just so damn comfortable that I just don’t care! Stay cool!

Thursday Thirteen – Things that Make Me Smile

Thirteen Things that Make Me Smile

1. My husband doing his goofy, white-boy dance
2. My pupster smiling when he’s tummy up getting love
3. When our cat tries to snuggle with our dog
4. Reading praise for my website
5. Phone calls and emails from old friends
6. Reading a good book
7. Good chocolate
8. Finding a bargain
9. The first sip of a well-made margarita
10. Taking a great picture
11. A beautiful LA day after a rain
12. Tulips
13. Fitting into a smaller size

Thursday Thirteen – Vacation Packing

Here are Thirteen Things I must bring with me wherever I go on vacation…

1. socks to sleep in – my feet are always cold, even in the dead of summer

2. lipbalm – I am addicted and as an addict, I need to know my lip stuff is right near by.

3. and 4. books & magazines – my husband is a bit of a workaholic, so even on vacation, he works, so I make sure I have something to read.

5. and 6. digital camera & USB connector for my smart card – I love to do self-portraits and I love to take pictures of things. What better way to have memories to look back on.

7. sunscreen – I’m one fair skinned kind of gal, so I tend to always make sure I bring along the SPF (even if I don’t wear it on a daily basis).

8. workout clothes – you never know when you’ll get the chance to burn off some of those high point, vacation treats and drinks.

9. travel alarm clock – I’m a little crazy about wanting to know what time it is, wherever I am. This way, if the hotel alarm clock isn’t on my side of the bed, I’m still in the know.

10., 11. and 12. my own soap, shampoo and conditioner – though I will typically take the hotel provided toiletries back home with me (they’re great for guests).

13. snacks – I like to know that if I’m hungry that I have something to snack on. Usually, it’s just a granola bar or two, but still, it helps to keep those vacationing high point days bearable.

And of course, a few other things, but hey, I only needed 13, right? 😉 Now back to that packing…

For These Things I Am Grateful…

I just thought that I’d take a moment and focus on some of the many, many things that I am so happy and grateful for…

* we’ll start with the obvious, yet very important…my health, wealth, happiness, joy, work, love, home, family, friends, husband and boys!

* my upcoming haircut, brow wax and pedicure!!

* my current batch of chick-lit – I’m so loving reading the breezy stuff!

* the fact that we’re off on a vacation full of good friends, good food and good wine in just over a week!

* that I’m going on that vacation 20 or so pounds lighter than when we went last year – and it shows!

* my clean car – I should show my gratitude and appreciation for it now since it might rain tomorrow!

* that while today may have been a tad chilly and overcast, the weather as a whole has been just lovely and perfect for our evening walks!

* and so, so much more!

Edited to add: the reason I even started this was to express my gratitude for our new toilet!!! No more wondering if it’s going to flush. No more non-stop running through the night. Ah…the joys of a new toilet!

Dentist-Schmentist, Weigh In-Schmay In

Well, I tried to weigh in this morning before heading into the dreaded dentist for my cleaning, but I got my times totally messed up and they weren’t open yet. Then of course, with my cleaning scheduled, I’d miss the next WI. So basically, I just gave up and I’ll just do a cursory WI tomorrow morning. I’m still not expecting much since I went a little crazy my birth-a-versary week, but who knows. I’ve been doing a lot of walking and that’s got to count for something.

All I know is after this vacation, I really, really need to get back on track with WW. This has just been pathetic. I got back into my smaller stash of clothes and just kind of got lazy after that. All I can say is while I’m thrilled beyond belief to be able to visit with J&C in a couple weeks, I’m also dreading the visit. She’s done amazingly well, and I’ve just done okay. For the most part, I’m fine with this since I look and feel SO much better. But you know, I just don’t want to be judged and sometimes, we just can’t help but harbor little judgey thoughts, you know. Love or not, it happens. But overall, I’m just thrilled with our upcoming vacation and so happy to visit with them again. Just chalk all this up go my being a bit of a goofball.

Sidenote: The toilet broke again last night and the water has been gushing non-stop (except when I made the hubby turn it off last night so we could sleep). This time around though, I called the landlord and reminded him that he’s fixed it once, we’ve fixed it twice and dammit if it isn’t broke again. So hopefully he’ll fix it right up!

So I had my cleaning today at the dentist. And once again, Xantax to the rescue!!! Man, they should just get a license to dispense that stuff when you walk it. It makes such a difference. My cleaner lady even commented on how much more calm I was and asked if I took one. So yeah, the shit works. She also gave me an A- on my upkeep saying that if it wasn’t for my crazy ass wisdom teeth way, way, way far back in my mouth, my teeth would all be in great, clean, shape! That feels good. It took three years to get back to this point especially after having gone 7+ years between any dental or cleaning work. That is, if I was ever at this point in my life – with my fear of dentists I usually avoided what I could. But yeah, that made me feel great!

So today I just have to do some inside cleaning (if I can manage to NOT take a nap – damn that husband and his only getting 3-5 hours of sleep while working on his latest project) and whatnot and then get ready for Harry Connick at the Greek. I love the Greek, it’s one of my favorite venues to see shows. I’m not so sure what to expect of this show though. Having peeked at a recent setlist, it seems to be ONLY stuff from this Nola CD. I picked it up with a gift card the other day and have been listening while in the car. It’s not bad, just not exactly the Harry I know and love! Hopefully he’ll wow us with the show – much like Michael Bubble did a few years back. Here’s hoping.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

Bread Does Not Seem to be My Friend…

Aside from the obvious reason (if you saw me, you wouldn’t doubt the obvious) bread just doesn’t do well in this house. Regardless of where I put it, it starts to mold in a couple of days. I don’t remember that being a problem before moving here. I keep changing where I store it, but the only place it won’t get moldy is in the fridge. And well, once it moves into the fridge, it’s only decent for toast. Really, I can’t seem to win.

In closing, bread is NOT my friend and I’m pissed that I just paid $4 for six low point bagels only to have to throw half of them away!!!

Two random life-note, asides…

1) I shouldn’t have to pick up dog poop that belongs to other dogs!! If I can pick up after my dog when I walk him, then my darling neighborhood friends can kindly do the same.

2) I made a new workout mix today and had a good workout. Now I’m just trying to control those post-workout munchies with a yogurt, some cheese and a few nuts *argh*

Glorious Gratitude

It is officially my husband’s 45th birthday. We went out earlier this evening for a celebratory dinner (Ciudad in down town Los Angeles – very yummy) and then we settled down for a movie and a snuggle with the boys. Our cat, by the way turned 7 yesterday, so this has been a celebratory weekend all around, as I’m sure you can imagine.

While taking in all the love that my husband and my boys have to offer after enjoying our delicious meal (and more importantly, after balancing our business books – yeehaa!!) I started to realize that I’m grateful for so many things in my life. What a perfect thing to blog about since it’s been a while since I’ve publicly counted my blessings. Here goes…

* I am grateful for my husband. He can always make me laugh. He knows how to calm me down when I’m freaking out. And he loves me for the person that I am (tears and all when doing the bookkeeping) and doesn’t freak out and try to change me.

* I am grateful for my boys. They’ve both been incredibly snuggly this whole weekend. Charlie even offered to help me open the tuna for his birthday breakfast, he’s so sweet.

* I am grateful that our books balanced. Last year I went through a lot of tears and heartache, to say nothing of my time and energy to come even close to getting things to balance. This year, thanks to my hubby, we’re A-OK!

* I am grateful that we’ll be getting a bookkeeper so from this day forward I’ll never have to cry or get pissed over or angry over QuickBooks – never again.

* I am grateful for our home. While we’d love a bigger place of our own that doesn’t share walls with (what seems to be) a miserable, old woman that hates us, our home is still just perfect for where we are right now.

* I am grateful that we have the resources to eat out when we feel the need (maybe, possibly, a tad too much – LOL). Especially when we can go for the occasional splurge and not feel guilty and just enjoy our time and our food.

* I am grateful for Firefox and their (fairly) new spell check. Without it, folks would think I was the world’s worst speller and would doubt that I was ever really a 4th grade teacher.

* I am grateful that we’ve been having some beautiful weather. It may bring on allergy season, but it’s so nice out I just can’t help but love it.

* I am grateful for Weight Watchers and their program. I may not be doing as well as a couple of my friends (talk about impressive), but I’m losing weight and feeling great. And man, how much fun is it to be able to buy new clothes and fit into a smaller size!!! Oh yeah, I’m also grateful my arms finally stopped aching from that damn upper body workout I did the other day. Man that was tough.

* I am grateful for my friends. I know that I’d do anything for my friends and it’s great knowing that they’re there to support me through my good times and the not-quite-so-good times. Heck, they’d even help me bury a dead hooker in the desert – I know, I asked – LOL

* I am grateful for the ability to manifest an income. Once again, I turned around and was presented with an opportunity to earn $200 for doing 2 hours of my time doing market research. While it might not seem like much, it’s still money, and it’s still coming into my life freely and for that I’m grateful. Then again, I’m really, really grateful that I’ll be able to spend it on a little spa time *grin*

And lastly, I’m grateful, and so happy, for the wonderful, exciting opportunities and experiences that the Universe is bringing into my life.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful man in the World! I love you baby (and now even more people know!)