Now I Remember – Damn that Bristol Farms

I hit up Bristol Farms this weekend and while almost falling for the succulent $6.99/pound cherries, I was reminded of this post I wrote up last August. Somethings never change, I guess…

I know the experts say that you shouldn’t go grocery shopping hungry. Well, whatever you do, DON’T go to Bristol Farms hungry!!! In general, that place is pricey. But man, when you add hunger into the picture it’s just crazy expensive!

Doesn’t help that at lunch time they have samples of all sorts of goodies out and about; cheese, turkey AND egg salad sandwiches, fig spread, sausage, pastries, crackers and dips, you name it! I went in to take my JOLT picture for the 26 Things and ended up with $25 worth of crap! I picked up some croutons (um…I don’t really like croutons!), a bottle of Boylan black cherry cola (yum!), a bottle of black tea with ginseng and honey, a pineapple coconut muffin (so good!), an oatmeal scone for the hubby (I’m such a good wife – or would that make me an enabling wife?) and a cup of iced coffee (to have with my muffin).

But hey, it could’ve been MUCH worse. I tasted some bing cherries so I thought I’d pick up a bag. They weren’t the sweetest, but they were still tasty and you guys know how I love me some cherries! So I get to the check out (after also picking up a Domino magazine – yeah, I needed that!) and get all rung up. Um…the cherries are $24!!!!!!! WTF?!?!? I ask if I’m reading that correctly and she tells me that yes, they’re $8.99 a pound. So apparently, those tasty and PLUMP cherries in the pre-packaged bag weighed 3 freakin’ pounds!!! Hello…it was a smallish bag!!!!

Needless to say, I left the cherries behind. I may be a cherry slut (make that a cherry-less slut – ha!), but I just can’t permit myself to spend $24 on mediocre cherries. Just think what I could buy at a farmer’s market for that price!

The moral of the story, stay away from Bristol Farms unless there’s a special occasion or you need a yummy hostess gift. I knew I should have gone to that soda store in Highland Park instead! Come one, if it’s good enough for the Food Network, it’s good enough for me.

The funniest part of this to me was the response I got from some random guy…”Maybe you should get some psychological help. Just a suggestion.” I guess he just didn’t get it. Oh well.

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