Sometimes it’s the Simple Things that Matter

I used to absolutely love getting my brows waxed. I’m not a fan of the pain. And I don’t much like the lingering redness. But man do I love how it all looks in the end. I’ve recently started getting threaded instead of getting waxed. There’s still pain, but it’s must more temporary. Same can be said for the redness – in the time it takes me to pay, the redness and pain are gone.

I seem to be one of those compulsive tweezing, kind of gals. Typically, I can’t go into the bathroom without checking for strays. And I must keep a pair of tweezers in my purse and in my travel bags. So as you can imagine, the two weeks leading up to my waxing or threading is one of THE more difficult things for me to handle. I hate knowing that my brows are scruffy, and hairy and look insanely unkempt. I hate going out in public imagining folks are looking at me thinking how bad my brows look.

And even once they’re done, I have to use self-control of a different kind and do whatever I can to not touch them (stupid sensitive skin)! And yes, I do touch up once I’m home. What can I say, I seem to be compulsive like that.

But ah, in the end…so pretty. And so worth it!

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