Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things I Do Daily

1. check my email (over and over and over)
2. write either a blog or an LJ post (quite often more than one)
3. track my food at (well, as of this week I’ve been doing it again)
4. visit my site and do something admin-y
5. talk to one or another of my friends (business or pleasure)
6. try to figure out what’s for lunch or dinner (though I’ve been trying my hand at menu planning the dinners at least)
7. catch up on the blog-o-sphere
8. gulp down obscene amounts of water (right from the tap even – I’m weird like that)
9. basic hygiene (brush teeth, wash up, etc)
10. kiss all my boys (the hubby as he leaves for work and returns and the boys every chance I get)
11. reflect on my day (before, during or after – and sometimes all of the above!)
12. read a book or a magazine (really depends on my mood)
13. watching something, anything that we’ve got set up on the DVR (lately it’s been Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe & G4’s Attack of the Show)

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