Gotta Love Those Mini Melons!

I am addicted to those Dulcinea watermelons. They’re thin skinned so they’re easy to slice up. They’re virtually seedless (every once and a while a seed or two can be found). They’re the perfect size for just the two of us over a couple of days. The majority of the time they have just the right consistency and sweetness. And well, they’re just perfect. What more could you ask for in a watermelon? Especially when you’re addicted enough that every other day you’re at the store buying a new one? Luckily, they’re only 1 WW point per cup.

And did you know that in Japan they grow their mini watermelons into shapes? Think how much easier it would be to slice up a square watermelon. They actually grow the melons in glass boxes so that the melon will naturally assumed the same shape – and then charge upwards of $80US for them! I hear they do similar silly things with their cucumbers.

2 thoughts on “Gotta Love Those Mini Melons!

  1. cityview

    I have to admit, the uniformity of those melons is pleasing to me – probably my inner self (which his used to chaos) crying out for some sort of organization! Lol. Now I am off to the farmer’s market because I suddenly am craving watermelon 😉

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