Share & Tell: My Desktop Image

I’ll admit it, today is one of those days that I just don’t have anything planned to write about. Of course, I had tons of stuff swarming my brain yesterday, but it was the weekend so I was holding off on posting. And yep, you guessed, now, I can’t for the life of me seem to remember what it might have been.

So instead of rambling (and I can ramble with the best of them), or bore you with the boring details of my day, I’ll leave you with a Share & Tell – both are photos that I took and both are straight out of the camera with no editing…

My desktop

My laptop

2 thoughts on “Share & Tell: My Desktop Image

  1. cityview

    beautiful! i especially love the first one – what a great moment you captured 🙂 i’m sure you’ve told me this before, but what camera do you use?

  2. KitKat

    I just use a basic Canon point and shoot – PowerShot A510. Every once and a while I’ll borrow one of Richard’s Nikons (especially when we’re out traveling and he’s driving). And thanks, that first one is honestly, one of my favorite all time pictures that I’ve taken.

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