Buzzzzz! I Did it Again

Once again I’m hopped up on too much caffeine. This time around it’s thanks to the lovely folks at Starbucks and their damnable, little bottles of frappuccino. I’d be concerned except I really don’t drink all that much caffeine on a regular basis. Must be like drinking alcohol and that how building a tolerance thing. So now I’m bouncing around and I seem to be having trouble focusing enough.

Thing is, I have crap to do! I have a podcast (for lack of a better term) to clean up for tomorrow’s CC blog – my interview with author, Megan Crane. Heck, first I have to learn how to use Garageband to edit the damn thing. Then I have to write up Friday’s Think Globally, Eat Locally post for the CC blog – I don’t normally participate much in the CC blog, I’m more of a behind the scene kind of gal – not to count my basic CC stuff that I’ve got to do. And, I have to faux-hem my curtains for the living room – about freakin’ time!

Not exactly the best time to be buzzing around!! Focus baby, focus!

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