Pay it Forward – Take II

Have you seen the movie Pay it Forward? It came out back in 2000, based on a novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde. In the story, the teacher assigns his class to do a simple, good deed for someone without any expectations and in return, only ask that they pay the kindness forward, ideally for three other people.

What better way to share what we have, be it big or small with others. And by expressing our gratitude through sharing and random acts of kindness, we’re letting the Universe know that we are open to prosperity and good things for all involved.

If you’re looking to get more involved or to help others to help themselves, check out the Pay it Forward Movement – they’ve got a slew of projects going on around the world. You can also get involved in The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, SixDegrees or VolunteerMatch.

Or just practice your own small, random act of kindness and ask nothing more in return than for someone else to pay it forward. And for a fun little personal twist on this movement, why not take a moment and check out my Pay it Forward post. It’s all about the warm & fuzzies and a little fun, right?

3 thoughts on “Pay it Forward – Take II

  1. KitKat

    Thanks John! I knew there were more sites out there, I just couldn’t for the life of me remember the names (and Google wasn’t much help – though it probably was because my search terms were off).

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