Practicing Gratitude

After having spent a wonderful, if not hot, extended weekend with the hubby, I’m thinking it’s time to show some gratitude (and maybe a little meditation later).

* I am so happy and grateful for my awesome husband and boys. They may sometimes seem to drive me crazy, but really, they’re the best.

* I am so happy and grateful for the change in the weather. Over the next couple days, it will be 10-20 degrees cooler!! I’m SO happy ’bout that. And of course, I’m thrilled to be sleeping in something cooler than 85 in the bedroom.

* I’m so happy and grateful for my work and my upcoming endeavors. Things are really moving along and I’m loving it!

* I’m so happy and grateful for my friends. I love being able to visit with them or being able to just pick up the phone to chat. It’s great knowing that we’re each others’ support systems. It’s good to know where to turn when you need support.

* I’m so happy and grateful that things are financially going along well. Of course, I’m open to anything that the Universe wishes to provide us with, knowing it’s for the good of all involved.

* I’m also so happy and grateful for the killer bargains I’ve gotten over the past couple of days. So much so that I just had to share them with others.

* Overall, I’m just so happy and grateful to just Be.

2 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude

  1. cityview

    And I am grateful to have reminders (like this post) to take time to be grateful for all of these things (: It’s so easy to take it all for granted. Kudos to you for keeping all in perspective!

  2. KitKat

    Thanks. Funny thing, I really felt like yesterday was a bit out of my control so I thought it best to put it all in perspective. I always feel silly when I post stuff like this, but really, sometimes I just need to get it out there so I can process and move forward.

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