Summer TV Goodness

Let me begin with telling you how much I love our DVR. Prior to our DVR, we went crazy trying to set up the VCR to record stuff. And of course, we could only record one thing and watch one other thing. Now, we just click once and poof! we get to automatically record anything we’re interested in. In fact, we can record TWO shows at once (this isn’t news, I know). Lovely. Really, what took them so long?

So that said, this is the first summer since 90210 that I’ve gotten involved in summer TV. I typically take advantage of summer reruns and read non-stop. But not this summer (though I am still plowing through 2-4 books every two weeks or so). But when I talk about summer TV, I’m not talking about that crap reality TV that seems to suck everyone in (though I do love me some of that Bret Michaels mess over on VH1). No, I’m talking about the dramas. I got hooked on Burn Notice right from the get go and I love it. It’s like a MacGyver gone 2007. With spies. In Miami. Totally hot. I’ve also been following Saving Grace, but I’m not completely sure it’s for me.

So this Labor Day weekend, thanks to marathons, got caught up on two other series that folks are raving over – Damages and Mad Men. I’m totally digging Damages. More often than not, I can’t figure out the good guys from the bad guys, but man, that’s half the fun. This is some good, good stuff. Mad Men on the other hand, if I wasn’t watching 5 episodes straight through (hey, the hubby was working late last night) I can’t say I’d have kept up with the show. Of course, since it’s summer and not much else is on, I’ll continue watching, but I’m not so sure I’ll stick around next season unless it gets a bit better.

And thanks to our DVR, I also remembered to catch Alton Brown’s Feasting on Asphalt 2. So glad I did. I love Alton Brown, but I can’t always get into Good Eats. But Feasting on Asphalt, I love how he’s all about having fun, eating food and sharing the history. Great fun.

That said, I totally can’t wait until Fall Season starts back up. It’s killing me to avoid those spoilers! Just two more weeks (depending on the networks). I should be able to finish at least two more books by then.

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