It’s 2:30 and I’m Still in My PJs

Ack!!  In my defense, I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  My site had some malaware issues so I’ve been dealing with that over the past couple of days.  Let it be known, I am the beauty, not the brains behind our website and tech-crap is not my strength by any means.  But I can fake it with the best of them!

But really, I’m all sorts of proud because I managed to find the offending image and handle it myself.  Granted, it didn’t involve anything more complex than contacting the ad agency we use regarding the four new ads that all launched on the day our challenges began.  They were then able to isolate which ad it was and wam-o, blam-o it’s fixed and malaware begone!!

So now I’m sitting here after finally managing to inhale some hot dogs (gotta love those Hebrew FF hotdogs and Wonder light buns – yum!) and taking a moment for myself before I jump back into work related stuff.  But first, I must get out of these PJs (they’re really not all that comfortable, even as they get bigger as I get smaller, so I’m thinking it might be time to ditch them), put on some real clothes (you know, yoga pants and a tee) and head on over to ‘bucky’s to pick me up a non-fat, pumpkin spice latte!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

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