I Learn Something New Every Day

I came in here to write about what I dumb ass I was not all too long ago – always a good topic.  I’ll admit it, I thought that Banff National Park was in British Columbia.  Funny thing, I just now learned that while it is most definitely NOT in British Columbia, it is exactly where I thought it was (in the Canadian Rockies) and does indeed border British Columbia.  And to think, someone found this amusing enough to laugh about (and I’m sure I’m opening myself up for more laughter still).

Sadly I just fall into the generalization of yet another one of those damn Americans that doesn’t anything about the rest of the world.    Though to be honest, it does make me wonder why we learn all about Europe, yet nothing about Canada or Mexico while in school.  Then again I’m just not the type to try to make someone feel stupid because they didn’t know that Kansas City is in Missouri or that Texarkana is in both Texas and Arkansas.

But I always was about the teachable moment.  Of course, I’m sure that won’t stop some folks from still thinking me a dumb ass for not knowing my Canadian provinces, but who am I to judge.  A humbling experience though it wasn’t.  Ah well, live and learn; and learn I did.

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