That Husband o’ Mine…

This morning, as the hubby was getting ready to leave for work:

him: oh no boys, mama found the picture of my cute real estate lady [as he walks into the office to hand me her business card].

me: this, is going in the trash.  We don’t need it [toss].

him: but what if I need to ask her real estate questions?

me: you won’t.

him: but what if I need to talk to her about real estate?

me: you won’t.

him: what if she says “oh no, this wine is going right to my head?”

me: ???

him: [goofy grin] I love you baby! [smooch]

Yes, my husband is a whacky nut job, but lordy I love him and his crazy antics so!

2 thoughts on “That Husband o’ Mine…

  1. Kat

    Madame M, that is a very good point. Mind you, I’ll have to riffle through the trash, but come on, like that would hold me back. 😉

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