Oh You, Bristol Farms!

Hello, my name is Kat and I am an impulse shopper.  When I was younger, and first on my own with my first real salary, Target was my weakness.  I wasn’t able to walk out of that store for under $100.  Yes, you read that correctly!  And sadly, there was a Target right around the corner from my apartment complex.  As a teacher, I worked extra over the summer just to pay down my credit cards that I ran up (mostly at Target) during the rest of the school year.

Nowadays, expensive grocery stores like Bristol Farms and Whole Foods suck me in.  That damn Bristol Farms got to me once before, but this time, this time I was gong to show them who was in charge.  All I wanted was a orange cranberry muffin.  Believe it or not, I drove 20 minutes just to get this damn muffin (well, that and because I’ve got the hubby’s car with new brakes and we can’t switch back until we put 200 miles on the brakes).

Of course, I just had to enter through the gift shop area.   It’s not like I parked that way, or like it was anywhere near the check out, but still.  Needless to say, I think in my brain I did holiday shopping for everyone!  Like I really need that Mrs. Meyers dishsoap set – well it might make a great gift.  Ha!  Actually, I was able to walk out of there without anything but a Women’s Day magazine (honestly, I don’t even read that magazine, but I just had to have it for some odd reason).

I also managed to walk right past the coffee, the teas and the chocolates. Of course, I couldn’t stop tasting the cheese – they had the most delicious gouda out.  But alas, I did not purchase any cheese!  I did, on the other hand purchase some mediocre chicken noodle soup (seriously, I expected so much more), my muffin, a muffin for the hubby, a diet coke because I was thirsty, yet another magazine at the cash register (damn that Martha Stewart and her tasty looking pot pie!) and a roll for dinner.

The damage…$23.  Not so bad this time. But not good either considering it was only six items.  But man, there’s a reason I stay away from that place.

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