Doctor Doctor!

Last month I had a pretty nasty sinus infection.  It wasn’t necessarily the sinus infection itself that was painful, it was the fact that my entire head was congested.  I went to the World’s Greatest Doctor (really, we love her) and she gave me some meds to fix me up.  Mostly, because I was leaving for Vegas in a few days – she assumed I was flying and didn’t want me to get my ears messed up…again.  Thing is, we drove and sadly, I was still in major pain (how could I forget the mountains we’d be driving through).  Luckily, our hotel room was only on the 8th floor and there wasn’t a high speed elevator involved.

The point of all this…I’m still sick.  Sadly, I’m back to being horribly congested with an oh, so fun post-nasal drip (at least this time my lungs seem to be fine).  I honestly feel like a toddler in that I’m constantly pulling at my ears or rubbing along my jaw it bothers me enough.  Of course all of this sinus pressure and congestion seems to bring on the migraines.  Maybe I should schedule some acupuncture as well.  And on top of all this,  I’m flying in a week (and then again 3 days after we return).

I’ve got an appointment with Dr. Wonderful in a bit and something tells me that this time around I’ll be getting a much stronger dose (we went with the lowest dose last time).  So of course, I must remember to eat plenty of yogurt *sigh*  Man, I hate being sick, especially around vacation time.  I’m sure all this smog from the fires has only helped to make things worse.


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