Blah (and other random shit)

For starters, I’m on some awesome meds for my sinus infection (as I thought). They’re doing a killer job so far and I actually feel so much better. Too bad I still feel like crap because, well, um…I’m sick. Yeah, leave it to me to forget that part. I’ve been feeling blah all day today and just now got up from a two hour nap. And while it’s nice to be able to wake up without half of your head totally congested, it’s still blah.

My landlord (and the house next to us) have been have been working on their homes for the past couple months. For the most part, one or the other have been making crazy loud and obnoxious noises far too early for my comfort level (they’re sharing the handyman guy so he’s either at one place or the other). We can’t really complain though since for the most part they’re following the noise variances (he screwed up last Sunday, but I think my landlord set him straight) just unfortunately, we tend to not to to bed before 1:00AM (closer to 3:00AM for the hubby), so 7:30AM comes far too early for our tastes. It sucks when you’re going on 2 weeks straight of noise right outside our bedroom window. So blah.

Tonight is the night where the hubby hangs out in Oakland for the Bruce show. As I mentioned previously, he’s a bit of a fan (me, not so much), so this is really just one of three shows he’ll be attending. He was just too cute when he sent me out to track down a backpack that would hold his MacBook so he didn’t have to check any sort of luggage or anything (no, he can’t leave his computer behind even for one note he tells me and no, my iBook won’t do). Tonight it will therefore be just me and the boys. Of course, this will mean that the pupster will be left barking at every, slight noise he hears since the hubby won’t be here. Luckily I have to wake up early-ish for book club tomorrow morning anyway so I don’t have to worry about said pupster or said racket waking me prematurely. Blah.

I will say that it was great to have my car back. After a week+ of the dreaded Civic I’m thrilled to be reunited with my baby (which, of all things is an Elantra so it’s not like we’re talking high class or high quality here, just not a dreaded Civic). And of course, driving around, it just reminded me that I need new brakes as well. Blah.

I’m supposed to do CPK for dinner tonight with my friend (one the hubby’s closest friends) while he’s away for the night. I’m thinking that maybe we might should head over to Crumbs for some much needed cupcake relief. Not that it’s anywhere near CPK mind you, but at least they’re open late.

And now, I must go find something else to do to break me out of my blahs. Man, this thing was riddled with medicine-headed typos. Oh well. Happy Friday to you all.

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