The Day After

Well, I had hoped to do a bit of a recap on the Monk Institute/Herbie Hancock tribute show from last night (well, beyond my um…drunken post, that is), but I just don’t feel like it.  I guess the lesson here is that drinking lots (and lots) of wine in a pretty short amount of time makes for a lazy day after.  Luckily, as the hubby likes to say, good wine doesn’t give you a hangover, only bad wine.  So no, I’m not hung over, I’m just feeling lazy.

What I will post about is how beautiful the skies have been lately.  After all the smoke and smog from the past couple weeks, it’s just the most amazingly clear blue sky.  You know, complete with the wispy, billowy kind of clouds (that I believe are classified as cirrus).  Sadly, the city itself is engulfed in smog (the view from Mulholland is just nasty).  But over here in the SFV, I’m telling you, it’s just beautiful.

Tonight I have night one of Bruuuuce.  We’ll be heading over with our friends (that we hung out with last night as well).  They were able to get us tickets, but we’re not sure where the seats are.  Tomorrow it’s just the hubby and I hanging out in general admission. Can’t say that I’m a fan of GA seats, but then again, I doubt we’d spend all that much time sitting to begin with.

That said, who knows what tomorrow’s blog will bring. But that’s half the fun, right?

2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Kat

    sadly it was quite a disappointing show (I’ll blog about it later). It wasn’t a bad show, I mean he’s an incredible entertainer and the *real* fans seemed to enjoy it. But um…I only knew about 4-6 songs out of a 2.5 hour show and well, that’s embarrassing. He was playing some old, old shit. And sorry, no alcohol involved – I don’t usually drink at concerts since it’s so crazy expensive.

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